From top bar nuc to extra-deep horizontal hive
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    Question From top bar nuc to extra-deep horizontal hive

    Hey, y'all,

    So the nuc I made about a month ago definitely has a viable queen, my friend Forrest and I confirmed last week by eyeballing capped brood and some open larvae.

    I've been building a horizontal hive with extra-deep frames to transfer it into.

    I just want to be sure I get the transfer done right because I've never done it before, so please opine if any of the following doesn't make sense, or wrong order, or whatever:

    1) Start around 7 p.m. (it's going to take me a while to prepare the nuc bars to go into the new hive, I have to screw the new top bars into the old top bars).
    2) Place new hive where nuc was, moving nuc to the side a little.
    3) transfer the combs from nuc to new hive. Going to checkboard a little bit since the top bar was frameless and the horizontal hive has frames.
    4) Dump any stragglers from nuc on top of the new hive.
    5) Close it all up.
    6) Keep the entrance small for now. Place some kind of obstruction near the entrance of the new hive so that foragers will know to re-orient. Remove obstruction late the next day.
    7) Dance a little jig because I'm so pleased.

    How's that sound?

    My grandfather and great-uncle kept bees and my fiancée's grandfather, too. I want to pass this tradition along.

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    Default Re: From top bar nuc to extra-deep horizontal hive

    Quote Originally Posted by Yunzow View Post
    Hey, y'all,

    How's that sound?

    Looks good in general.

    Reorientation is not necessary as the hive placement stays the same.
    They will not go anywhere else.

    I would start before 7pm to be sure all the bees are inside before it gets dark.
    Nothing wrong with 6pm (or 5pm or earlier).
    For sure, it is not pleasant to mess with the bees in darkness if you run out of the clock for any old reason (unplanned things happen all the time).
    You can prepare the new bars even days ahead.
    Just have them ready, screws and all (including a fresh driver battery on stand-by).

    It is optional but good to have a wide board or a piece of plywood leaned against your target hive.
    The nuc box will often have stragglers inside that will not want to go no matter what.
    Well, just slam the box hard against that plywood to dump those clinging bees.
    They will have to walk into their new home if what it takes.

    (I hate slamming junky nucs directly against my lovely long hives; hence the plywood hack).

    Once your nuc box is empty, take it away.
    It smells like home and many bees will still try to settle into it.
    So take that choice away.
    Former "smoker boy". Classic, square 12 frame Dadants >> Ukrainian frame experimentation.


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