Overwintered five frames nucs for sale consisting of an overwintered queen, raised last summer, and the equivalent of three and a half to four frames of brood and bees produced from her making. The fifth frame consists of pollen and honey resources. Nucs are cash and carry and can be picked up near St Johns, Ohio for $165.00 each. The queens are dominantly Carnelian with an Italian mix, are open mated. and are produced in the seclude and pristine hill country of southeastern Ohio. The nucs are contained in a cardboard nuc box and must be protected from inclement weather after purchase. To place an order please contact: Mark Moody, 513 535 7804 ; [email protected] ; 2128 Weil Road; Moscow, Ohio 45153; and 4647 County Road 20; Ada, Ohio 45810 are the mailing addresses. Text messages are the preferred method of contact. Nucs can be made available until about 7 June.