A couple of questions on combining
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    Default A couple of questions on combining

    I have a hive that lost its queen going on 5 weeks now and I want to combine it with a smaller hive that was a swarm, but is doing very well. The swarm hive is one deep body, and most of the frames are drawn. The queenless hive has two deeps plus two medium supers, one of which has a fair amount of honey and the top super just a couple of frames of honey.

    The swarm hive is probably the queen from the queenless hive, but it's been quite awhile since the swarm so they are two different hives. I plan to use the newspaper method.

    Here's my questions: would it be all right to simply put the entire queenless hive on top of the swarm hive and let them re-combine?

    Or should I shake the bees into one deep and combine the medium honey frames into one super and move this reduced hive?

    I should note, that the queenless hive has no brood capped or otherwise, no eggs, no larvae and no queen cells. The number of bees is clearly shrinking and combining seems to be the best answer.

    Edit: one more question: I imagine a combine should be done at dusk or early morning so everybody is home in the hive?

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