I recently discovered swarm cells in one of my hives and went with the Snelgrove swarm control method 2 as documented by Wally Shaw. The initial manipulation was done on May 7 using a Snelgrove board and placing the queen with (most) brood frames on top and leaving the other two boxes plus honey super below.
I went in today and discovered LOTS of capped queen cells in the lower colony. I obviously didn't get the brood separation done correctly. I run 8 frame medium so the brood was spread across three boxes so it was challenging to identify and separate all of the brood during the initial manipulation.

So now what's the best move? Do I tear down all of the queen cells in the lower colony and stay on course - moving the queen back downstairs on May 16? Or does it make sense to leave it be and let the new queen emerge in the lower box, get mated, and continue on their way? I'd estimate a dozen queen cells across 3 frames so I wonder if I let it ride if I'd end up with after swarms?

And advice is appreciated.