My name is Tony Andric and I am the inventor of The Everything Bee Vacuum.
I am a fellow beekeeper who loves doing cutouts. But to explain how The Everything Bee Vacuum (TEBV) came to be, I have to explain how I got here. Like many I started with a mentor and learned the basics. So I made the standard shopvac based design sucking through a box of frames. Yes, it ‘worked’, but goodness was it work! I quickly realized that the vacuum was as much work as the cutout. While the cutouts were enjoyable, my frustration grew with the vacuum.
Note that I’m an engineer. I live to solve problems, and right in front of me was a big one. When I want to start solving a problem, I first list out the issues. My old vac was big, cumbersome, had too many parts, was loud, required lots of extension cords or even a generator, released bees when disassembled, could let bees overheat or suffocate, the valve could slip & kill the bees, the hoses were too long causing clogging, it wasn’t portable… and so on.
So I sat down with a clean piece of paper and wrote what do I want in a bee vacuum. I wanted:
• Compact but upgradable design
• Cordless
• Lightweight
• Easily varied vacuum pressure
• Reliable
• Easy to clean/maintain
• Short hose
• Quieter
The list went on, but these were the key features. And after well over a year of design and redesign, I’m finally proud to put my name on this vacuum.
TEBV has all of this. It’s a small package that easily fits in any vehicle weighing only 10 pounds. It is battery powered and runs 4-6 hours on a single charge. It has an extendable control knob to adjust the vacuum, I just clip it on my bee suit for easy access with indicator lights to tell me if the battery is getting low. I normally run the vacuum at about 50%, but at full speed it will clear any hose clogs you can imagine. The battery is replaceable (note that it is lithium ion & will recharge hundreds of times). The containment bucket is also interchangeable, so you can fill one after another on monster hives. And note it has over 5 gallons of capacity: that is a whole lot of bees! It carries as a backpack very comfortably, or you can strap it to a ladder, or set it on the ground next to you. Oh, and with the variable speed, you can turn it down to what I call ‘whisper mode’, just enough airflow to keep them comfortable for a break or a long drive home. The short six foot hose reduces any clog issues and the long nozzle fits perfectly between frames. Finally, the large integrated adapter can help you transfer the bees directly back to your hive with their brood. Usually 90% of the bees are back on their brood well before I get home.
Another thing is time. It would take 10-15 minutes to unload, piece by piece, the old vacuum. Stretch out the extension cord, put it all together, strap it all up. And another 10-15 minutes to take it all apart. If the actual cutout takes an hour, I was wasting ½ that time more with the vacuum. No longer, TEBV takes 10 seconds. I take it, put it on my back, pull out my control knob, and I’m ready to go.
You can spend hours building your own vacuum and have the same frustrations I had. Or you can skip that agony and start with the right tool, The Everything Bee Vacuum.
Note that while I’ve done much work in designing TEBV, I haven’t spent nearly enough on the marketing side. To get things started, I’m offering a money-back guarantee. Buy one, if within 3 weeks of receiving it you are not satisfied, send it back and I will refund the price (less shipping). Now I want to be reasonable, don’t drop it in the pool & roll it in the mud & send it back. But if you are not reasonably satisfied, I will return your purchase price.
For anyone that does more than a couple of cutouts, this is the only vacuum to have. It is the only commercially available battery-powered bee vacuum on the market. Also, for my first few dozen customers, I am upgrading you to the full 20 amp-hour battery. It will run 4-6 hours, I’ve done 3 cutouts with a single charge. After the initial sales, the standard battery will be a 15 amp-hour battery. It will still run 3-4.5 hours on a single charge, but it will be slightly lighter and easier to replace.
Note that videos of the unit are coming. There’s nothing like seeing to understand the benefits. You can read more at www.allmybees.com , or email me at [email protected] . I’m also happy to talk with you at 512 376-0003.

Thank you so much for considering The Everything Bee Vacuum.