Located Queen But No Eggs or Brood
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    Default Located Queen But No Eggs or Brood

    Hi everyone. I'm new here. I recently moved and had to leave my single hive unattended for a few months. I was finally able to relocate it to my new home. It was rainy and cold for a week, so I couldn't open it for several days. Upon first inspection I found:
    -5-6 hatched queen cells
    -no eggs, no brood
    -3-4 frames of worker bees
    -~ 1 frame pollen
    -~half frame uncapped nectar
    -~half frame capped honey
    -3-4 small hive beetles
    -no evidence of disease or parasites (except the few SHB)

    I found the queen on the first frame I inspected. I immediately caught and marked her, but after discovering the state of the hive, I wish I had left her alone. I'm guessing that they recently swarmed and that I have a new queen.

    Queen possibly hasn't mated yet and marking her with a paint pen might somehow impede her mating flight.
    Recent rainy weather may have prevented mating flight and affected queen's fertility.
    Absence of eggs/brood will induce workers to start laying.
    If queen is damaged or infertile, hive has no way to make another queen.
    I don't know any local beekeepers to ask for a frame of brood to put in my hive.

    Are these valid concerns?
    What else should I be concerned about?
    What's the deal with all the hatched queen cells? I've never seen that.
    What's my best course of action to get this hive healthy?

    I appreciate any insight you may have.



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    Default Re: Located Queen But No Eggs or Brood

    Best course of action: wait a week and see if you have eggs next weekend. You may have just caught the queen before, or just after, she went out to mate.

    If you still see no eggs, then I would start looking for a source to purchase a mated queen to replace her. They should be easy to find at this time of year.

    The opened queen cells mean your colony had a queen loss (swarm, queen injured in the move - who knows?) And they have tried to fix it. Most of the time they succeed quite well.

    Wait and see.

    Laying worker usually takes an absence of brood of more than a couple of weeks, so you probably can afford to take this week without risk. But I wouldn't wait too much longer. Hope you have good weather this week.


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    Default Re: Located Queen But No Eggs or Brood

    No brood at all, single hive, probably means you are post multiple swarms, which stretches out your broodless time period. Nancy is correct, but your LW window may be very narrow. Time to make some new friends and get that 2nd hive going as soon as your hive recovers.
    It is hard to design a safety net that some will not use as a hammock.

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