2nd swarm of the season, with a minor issue
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    Default 2nd swarm of the season, with a minor issue

    This is my 2nd swarm of the season, same box, configuration and location. I have 2 non-drawn frames and one fully drawn frame baited with lemon grass oil. Both swarms ended up doing exactly the same thing. Swarmed roughly around 9am, landed on the leeward side of the box. Two days later they are still there, with some activity coming and going from the entrance. (Strong winds repositioned the box before the swarm arrived, as to why its leaning).

    First swarm this year, I ended up shaking them into a box after roughly two days of them being on the exterior of the box.

    Is there something I am missing ?
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    Default Re: 2nd swarm of the season, with a minor issue

    Possibly too much scent. Bees sense of smell is much better than ours and I have heard that if we can detect it - it might be over powering to the bees. I have run shaken swarms out of boxes by splashing droplets of lemongrass oil on the tops of the frames before I shook them in. They would initially be all in the box then migrate out to cluster on the side like in your pic. They left overnight to parts unknown. I don't use lemongrass oil when shaking swarms any more.


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