Am I going to screw this up?
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    Default Am I going to screw this up?

    Am I understanding the concept of a walk away split correctly?
    I have a very strong hive that I want to split. If I place two bottom bottom boards side by side in the original location, split all brood evenly making sure ther are eggs in each new box, and split all the food stores between the two, the hive that is now queenless should should raise a new queen.

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    Default Re: Am I going to screw this up?

    As long as one of the boxes has eggs, pollen and enough bees you're good to go. If you're greedy like me you may split it three ways

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    Default Re: Am I going to screw this up?

    No - I just saw this thread and it is not that easy. If you are queenless and have no larvae under 3 days old - they will not raise a new queen if you split it. There HAS to be eggs or very young larvae for the split to work and the workers to raise new queens. Now if you have another queen right hive - you can pull a frame of brood and place in each split and hopefully they will raise a queen. Time of being queenless is generally a determining factor I have found. If you catch them early enough - it seems they are not too hard to accept a queen. If laying workers are already present - it may be more difficult.


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