Moving bees in the cold
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    I need to move a swarm trap full of bees back to my home apiary. Today will only be a high of 44 with a low of 28. I am considering moving them today since I know all of the bees will be inside the trap and today is the best day for me to do it this week. In a couple days after it warms up, I would then pull the frames out and put them in a hive or nuke depending on the size of the swarm. My question is if it will be harmful to the bees to move them on a chilly day?

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    Might be a great day to move them especially if it's over 2 miles away. Put the swarm trap in the place the new hive is going to be. then when it warms up they'll be all set to put in the new box. If the new spot is under 2 miles I'd still move the swarm trap. Put it into the spot it's going to be in- brush it in- and put it into the new box when the weather is warmer.

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    No experience with this but since its getting late, I will. I would move them. On the plus side, they won't overheat. They could break cluster, but its warm enough to risk that. J


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