School Demo, Questions from students?
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    Default School Demo, Questions from students?

    I am semi retired now and have been wanting to and been asked to do some beekeeping demonstrations at some of the local schools.
    My question is for those of you who do this, what kind of questions do you get from different age groups?
    I am thinking of setting up a power point with some of the basic things of the hive.
    I also want to be as prepared as I can for odd questions.

    I will be starting with elementary age but I know I will be asked to do older students as I have been asked if I would be willing to allow a class of high school students to visit one of my yards wile opening hives.
    I polity declined.

    Thank you for your comments.

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    Good luck with that! We need to get out there and provide an education to the kids. In my opinion I think it would be great to get some high school kids in the beeyard. If the school has an agricultural class those would be the best. Have permission slips signed! You may even be able to get an organization to provide bee jackets.
    Enjoy the kids!

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    Default Re: School Demo, Questions from students?

    See Ian's March 4, 2018 template that works for him.
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    Default Re: School Demo, Questions from students?

    Observation hive, you can show everything students would want to see but without opening a hive. A five frame observation hive where you can bring a frame with the queen up into the viewing area, make sure the queen is marked. A frame with emerging bees, capped brood, and larva will give you lots to show and talk about. As to what questions I don't know. I like the powerpoint idea though.


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