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Grey Goose.

These 4 swarms in the last 10 days are at my house in a suburban area. I have one Cordovan nuc at my house, shake out package bees and an itinerant Koehnan Queen that was loose on the outside of a package.

On the first warm days , there where NO snoopoers, so all of these bees are most likely from "Beehavers". My yards are 10 miles or more away. Same here no early snoopers

They look Russian to me, not Cordovan , so not mine. I am still not the best at telling what kind they are.

IFFF they where mine, I would not keep them. There is reason to believe that mean hive swarm close, and gentle hive swarm far away. By keeping your own close swarms, you may get meaner bees. I did not known this trend, so meaner must come from crossing itself, I I will hope for the long distance swarms.

If one our queens runs out of space, we are not doing our jobs, and shame on us. Crowded queens do not lay as many eggs as those with plenty of room to lay. More bee, more honey, right Ron? Same I "try" to stop the swarming, most of the time I succeed but it seems some still find they way.

I wounder what the price of packages would be if all of those that let their bees swarm this year did not need to urchse more next year?
The price for what you actually get is crazy, I wonder what the price would be if there were almost no winter loss? I Know some beehavvers who purchase packages each spring and they do not make the winter.

Crazy Roland
Comments. in line in your quote. Hope you have a great year. been wet here so I am thinking the dearth will be delayed.