Hello everyone!
After watching my grandfather enjoy bees as a hobby, I decided to take the plunge and setup a apiary.
My first two hives should be up and running in the next two weeks, and those will be my starters.
I can set up 12 hives at my home permanently, and for up to 60 days I can have as many as I want (if I am reading the law correctly?)
Once I have 12 established colonies I will try to find a chunk of AG land to lease from one of many local massive farms.
I hope to go to 100-150 hives this year, and 1,000 next year. I should be able to quit my job in 2020 and go full time then.
Yeah, big dreams, right? Well maybe. I ran my own business for 17 years, so I have an idea what is involved.
Commercial pollination is what I am after, and a little honey for me from my 12 hives at my home

What to you think? A bag of popcorn and watch me fail, or do I seem to be planted in reality here?