Burning pasture around hives
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    Default Burning pasture around hives

    I cant seem to find any good information on this and havenít seen it in the books Iíve read. In a nutshell, I have 4 Langstroth hives on the north end of our pasture. The pasture really needs to be burned off. A north wind would be risky for burn control at the south end, but a south wind would be perfectly controllable although it will blow the smoke toward the bees. I am 100% sure i can protect the hives from fire/heat by mowing 20í in front of them. Question is will it hurt the bees to smell the pasture smoke for an hour or so?

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    Default Re: Burning pasture around hives

    Nope it won't hurt them. The reason I know? I once caught a field of 12" deep dormant bermuda grass on fire while lighting my smoker. Of course it was a day that had a steady 10 mph wind blowing. I kept it "stomped" out under the bee hives and let it burn the whole small field off. Maybe 2 acres in total.

    I would try to pick a day when the wind isn't blowing straight into the entrances, or cover the hives with a wet sheet for the short time it takes for the fire to burn past the hives.
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    Default Re: Burning pasture around hives

    As long as you don't burn the hives, they will be fine. If you have any worries, though, for your own peace of mind you could move them to another yard temporarily.

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