Nosema, Dysentery or both?
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    Default Nosema, Dysentery or both?

    I’m a newer beekeeper. This was my first winter and I lost a Nuc hive that was a split from a mid-summer swarm. I understand some Nosema can occur later winter and early spring. I did not see much exterior brown staining but found quite a bit around the dead out and top of the hive. I have not tested for Nosema, I plan to try and test some of the dead bees this weekend. Some questions and I’ve posted some photos. Is this typical or a severe case. Can any of these frames or hive be cleaned and reused? Frames with minimal stains and full of honey, can they be reused? The hive is polystyrene, I’m interested in saving if there is a practical method to disinfect and clean. I’ve been told to feed Honey Bee Healthy and or treat with Fumagilin-B. Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: Nosema, Dysentery or both?

    It is my understanding that signs of dysentery inside a hive can be caused by stress. It looks like there wasn't a lot of bees. They might have gotten stressed trying to keep warm and fed.
    Dysentery is not a sign of nosema. It can be associated with nosema, especially nosema apis, but testing for spores is the only way to confirm whether your bees had nosema or not.
    In the past when I had an issue similar as yours, I would just wipe/scrape the stains off as much as possible, leave the frames out ( if empty ) in sunlight. If the honey frames are mostly capped, I would take a wet towel and wipe the stains off and then extract the honey for myself.
    I've heard of people using bleach, or acetic acid to disinfect the woodenware but I don't have personal experience with that. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

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