I have done 7 Snelgrove splits this spring where cells were not present, which is the Snelgrove's original purpose for the board. This weekend, I found a hive with swarm cells present so I am attempting to use Method 2 as modified by Wally Shaw.

I placed two frames of capped and open brood in the bottom box, put and excluder over it and placed a super (really just another box of combs that will serve an additional brood box when this is done) then put the SB on top of the super. I placed a brood box with all remaining brood, plus the queen on top of the SB.

I was uncertain of the age of the capped queen cells (only found 2) so I destroyed them.

So in 7 to 10 days I am supposed to remove the two brood combs from the bottom box and replace with a two brood combs from the top box. I am also supposed to transfer the queen from the top box to the bottom box.

My question is: Why does this work? I can't figure out what is triggering them to call off the swarm that would otherwise not be triggered if I had just destroyed all of the queen cells in the box and let them be as they were.