Freeze killed brood assay ineffective in predicting mite load in colonies
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    Default Freeze killed brood assay ineffective in predicting mite load in colonies

    Oh crum, new study finds "Freeze Killed Brood" assay ineffective at predicting colony mite load.

    The FKB assay (brood cells are killed with liquid nitrogen within a ring, and then counted for clearing at 24 hours) is widely used as a proxy for "hygenic behavior". The protocol is core to the selection of "Minnesota Hygenic Bees". However a replication of the protocol in an unselected population show no correlation with mite loading. They assay is ineffective in detecting resistant bees.

    Cite: Hygienic removal of freeze-killed brood does not predict Varroa-resistance traits in unselected stocks
    Gil Leclercq Journal of Apicultural Research, 2018
    Vol. 57, No. 2, 292299

    The situation in our unselected stocks is summarized as:
    (1) We found no significant correlation between the
    mite load and the FKB removal at 24 h (nor at 48 h). In
    future studies, other periods of time should probably
    also be tested

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    Default Re: Freeze killed brood assay ineffective in predicting mite load in colonies

    No correlations were found between hygienic behavior and mite infestations either on bees or in the brood
    Kefuss 2015-Selection for resistance to Varroa destructor under commercial beekeeping conditions

    Screening for the removal of FKB as a means to select for resistance to V. destructor has been recommended based on prior observations that the hygienic responses toward FKB and V. destructor are somewhat related (Boecking and Drescher 1992; Spivak 1996). Our results using a variety of bee types having different selection histories do not support this recommendation; many colonies that had good hygiene against FKB had poor hygiene against V.destructor. A simple, effective way to select for strong VSHbased resistance remains elusive.
    Danka 2012-Varying congruence of hygienic responses to Varroa destructor and freeze-killed brood among different types of honeybees
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