bee hive hit by tree
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    Default bee hive hit by tree

    I wanted an Observation Hive, I have 4 4 X 9 sliding glass doors for free and bee hive hit by tree what more could you ask for.
    The hive is not to bad but looks like it will fall apart if i try to move it.
    Know the problem, I was told that you should not move the hive short distance you should move like 3 miles then week later move to new spot \ other side of filed.
    I did not know if this was true, 25 years ago i was putting in a new garden and moved a 5 supper hive 200 feet at night the next day a lot bees fly round and round the spot i moved it from.
    Question 1 what is the best way to move bees to the Observation Hive 150 feet
    Question 2 I will use the Langstroth bee way gap 5⁄16 inch (7.9 mm) from the glass to the frameis this ok


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    Default Re: bee hive hit by tree

    I'm not sure what you mean about the construction. Are you taking 1 face off the damaged Langs? Just butt that up against the glass of the door. If I'm misunderstanding your plans, please describe.
    For moving, it's possible. The trick is how much work do the boxes need? You may need to move the colony into another box while you get things ready. I think Michael Bush has specific instructions on moving a short distance. If you can keep them cooped up a bit, that helps. More importantly, put a large open obstruction like a leafy branch right in front of the opening. It forces them to have to look around and re-remember the entrance and location. You'll get far fewer foragers heading back to the old spot but, even they will eventually find their way by looking around and smelling the queen.


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