New math problem #2
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    Default New math problem #2

    A big Thank you to everyone who predicated in the last math problem!!!
    WOW you folks did a great job…..
    The Idea behind these math problems is so we can
    Use a metal yardstick to measure how many pounds of honey we have per 1" by measuring the honey elevation.
    Then we can determine how many containers we will need.

    This Item is in the shape of a funnel called a volcanic reservoir that fills honey containers as they travel down a conveyor.

    This link will give you an idea of a ((similar shape )).

    New math problem,
    This is all one piece reservoir, the Bottom base inside measurement 6” inches and
    1” inch high, it then expands out in the shape of a funnel 35” inches high.
    And the top inside measures 30 ˝” inches wide.

    The question is how many pounds of honey per 1”inch??
    Thank you for your help..

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    Default Re: New math problem #2

    Since the area & volume of a 1" slice of the cone (funnel) varies depending on how high up you wish to measure, there is no 'constant' answer as to how many pounds of honey per inch.

    If you wish to do a kind of a visual estimate, doing separate calculations for each vertical 1" and marking the corresponding amount on the side of the funnel would be one option - or prepare your own "custom" marked dipstick with pounds marked on the stick.

    My suggestion is to break the math problem into two parts and calculate separately, then add them together. The base area is appears to just be a cylinder (see your previous thread for those calculations) then compute a volume for a cone, perhaps using this calculator:

    Add them together and convert to gallons, then to corresponding pounds of honey.
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    Default Re: New math problem #2

    A quick integral will give you the answer. Define a line and rotate it around an axis and integrate. Enjoy
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    Default Re: New math problem #2

    I hated calculus and promptly forgot eveything as soon as I got out of the class. I prefer the hands on approach for this problem, use a 1 gallon container of water, pour it in, and make a mark on a stick for every 12 pounds of honey it represents. Repeat until the water runs out onto the floor. Then, stop trying to put more water in the container.
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    Default Re: New math problem #2

    When you say pounds of honey per inch, are talking about 1" markings on the inside wall of the funnel, or a vertical inch like sticking a yardstick in the tank and measuring honey depth?


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