New, Aspiring Beekeeper in Central New Hampshire!
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    Default New, Aspiring Beekeeper in Central New Hampshire!

    Hello all,

    Just a new, aspiring beekeeper looking for a helping hand with any and all tips for the wonderful world of beekeeping. Our little homestead will be starting our first two hives this spring with two nucs. We started with a basic starter kit and after assembling all the components this past weekend have realized it only came with two supers and the other essentials. Will be ordering another kit, but this time with deep hive bodies to start our brooding. Was wondering about opinions on screened bottoms and, adversely, slanted racks and the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of these components. Also, any general tips for starting a strong colony that will be able to survive the rough New England winters.

    Thank you very much in advance and I look forward to chatting and sharing with all of you!

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    Default Re: New, Aspiring Beekeeper in Central New Hampshire!

    Welcome tp Beesource, the home of 1001 opinions on the best ways to keep bees! Since you are in NH, I would pay very close attention to Micheal Palmer's words of wisdom. Raising bees is a fun and rewarding hobby and you can be successful if you give the bees what they need when they need it. This includes space to grow, food when the flow stops, and mite treatments when thresholds are reached. Everything you need to know is discussed here so become a frequent visitor.Keep in mind that not everyone that posts is giving the best advice for you in your locale. Go to Micheal Bush's website or www.honeybeesuite to get a primer on beekeeping. Then ask questions about anything you don't understand.
    Thankfully, the bees are smarter than I am. They are doing well, in spite of my efforts to help them.

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    Default Re: New, Aspiring Beekeeper in Central New Hampshire!

    Instead of a slatted rack, I find a simple 2" shim (basically just a 2" high box) underneath the lowest box functions as well as, and in some ways even better, than a slatted rack. And it costs less than $6 from Betterbee.

    I use a combination of screen bottom board and a solid board, (screen board on top of solid one) to get the advantages of both. Principal advantage of a screen bottom board is that is an easy way to get into monitoring for varroa on a weekly basis. Very good thing for new beekeepers to learn to do. Plus there is lots to learn from studying the debris that falls out of the hive on to the sticky board or tray below the screen bottom. But a screen bottom board all by itself is not as good, in my opinion, as a solid board.

    Also I find it's really important in the first year, if you are in the north, to get at least two deeps drawn, before you start in on getting your supers drawn. Bees only readily draw new comb in the early to middle part of the season, so I suggest to my first year students that they get what they will need for good wintering drawn during the easy part of the year, and only then try to get something going in the supers. Some years you can do both, some years there's not a good enough flow to get surplus honey in the first year, but you can't tell that ahead of time. If you make sure that the winter's pantry is well constructed, then you can feed them syrup to make up for any missing late flow. But you can't easily get them to draw new comb with fall syrup.

    And the most important thing to keep in mind when getting advice, is where is it coming from. That's because what works in Philly isn't always the best idea in Boston. So, for your reference: my advice is coming from north of Albany NY, near the western border with VT (Z4b-Z5a).

    I hope you have as much fun with your bugs as I do with mine.


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    Default Re: New, Aspiring Beekeeper in Central New Hampshire!

    [email protected]

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    Default Re: New, Aspiring Beekeeper in Central New Hampshire!

    Welcome. Find a Bee Club you can join, you will learn what works for your area, especially flow times, nectar/pollen plants etc. Have fun, and remember those little bees know more than us!
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    Default Re: New, Aspiring Beekeeper in Central New Hampshire!

    Welcome to Bee Source.
    "Sometimes the best action, with bees, is no action at all."

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