Roaster pan for crystalized honey???
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    Default Roaster pan for crystalized honey???

    I have some honey left over in various size containers that has crystalized. I was looking at a new turkey roaster pan I got at X mas and the lowest setting on it is 150 degrees. If I was to put the rack in it so the bottles and jars aren't touching the bottom (mainly worried about the plastic bottles) and set the temp at 150 would this work? I don't have a hole bunch but more then I want to try to keep boiling pots of water for. I could probably get it all in 2 or 3 rounds with the roaster pan. I've watched several YouTube videos and most involve water so I didn't know if there was a reason not to do it this way???

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    Default Re: Roaster pan for crystalized honey???

    Nor sure, but I'd be nervous about the plastic melting, or warping. I use a dehydrator. Set it at 105-110 degrees
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    Default Re: Roaster pan for crystalized honey???

    150F is too warm for my preferences. For about $35 and some of your standard equipment you can make one where you can thermostatically control the temp. A standard lang box will hold over a case of 2 lb jars, heat source is two light bulbs, depending on the level of crystallization it can liquefy in 3-5 days with the temp set at 105F

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