Bought 50 mini frames.

I'm 'ok' with the order, but not impressed. Will probably do business again at some point.

Had I opened the box when I got them and inspected, I probably would have complained, but since I waited so long I don't feel right asking for them to do anything. I should have inspected when they arrived.

Many of the frame parts appear to be made from scrap wood (which im ok with) but some of it is split, or cut incorrectly. Lots of cuts are too big or too small to fit, lots of split pieces im clamping and gluing or completely remaking. Lots of repairing, and recutting pieces.

I will probably order from EcoBeeBox again if I see something I want from them, bit I'll make the mini frames at home next time. Having to repair and recut pieces removes the incentive of buying them premade for me.