'For Sale' threads are NOT for general discussion
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    Default 'For Sale' threads are NOT for general discussion

    This is a reminder the For Sale threads are posted by a member that paid a subscription to post their ads. They deserve to have their ad readable without others questioning the prices asked or the vendor's reputation. Posted prices are just that, any negotiation must be conducted privately.

    Reasonable questions about the product offered are acceptable. Read the sticky at the top of the For Sale forum for more info, linked here:

    Note that even if you are using a 'phone' to read Beesource, the sub-forum is identified within each thread. If you are using the "Enhanced Mobile View", the sub-forum is identified right below the "Beesource Beekeeping Forum" header (in grey) and approximately to the right of the top left 'three bars' menu button.

    Messages that don't follow the rules will be deleted.

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