Questions on back sweetening, clearing and bottling
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    Default Questions on back sweetening, clearing and bottling

    Yep...a lot!

    Background. Started a one gallon batch of mead on 1/7/17. Ginger Valencia with fresh ground ginger and valencia orange rind. Put it all in a bag and let it go through the primary. Harsh taste but seemed to finish off quickly without leaving bad memories for having sipped it. Racked twice and things stopped at .998. VERY VERY (almost crystal) clear since mid-summer and it's been sitting in the jug just waiting for me to find some time (as are 14 other gallons that I started last December and this January...all in secondaries).

    Tonight I decided to back sweeten it since my ginger crazy daughter in law prefers nearly a dessert mead. I got lost on the calculator so I tossed in about on pint of fresh honey, stirred slowly and put it back on the shelf. So the questions are....

    1) How quickly will it get clear again?
    2) Should I instead just use Super-Kleer or something like that? I don't mind the haze but the bottles will be a Christmas present.
    3) It was stabilized a while I have to worry about exploding bottles? Should I stabilize again? I'm not terribly fond of adding more chems but I did just give it a lot more honey.

    It's a very interesting flavor. Almost pure, simple mead at first but with a beautiful golden color but as soon as you swallow your mouth fills with the ginger flavor. I'd make a 5 gallon batch if I did it again and I have a feeling it'll get better in the bottle.

    Thanks in usual I admire all the expertise here!
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    Default Re: Questions on back sweetening, clearing and bottling

    Clearing time will depend on the honey. Finning agents may help but not always. When adding Sugars to back sweeten I always add 1/2 tsp Potassium sorbate per gallon to prevent a restart of fermentation. For future reference,There is no need to stabilize a dry wine as there are no sugars left to restart a fermentation. I would add the sorbate, let stand a few weeks, if not clear then try a finning agent to help clear.


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