How I found my bee outyard
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    Default How I found my bee outyard

    I recently had to move my hives off of my property and needed to find a yard to relocate them. After years of having an ad on Craigslist for an outyard with no response I placed an add in our local Farmer's Weekly newspaper. In the space of 2 weeks, I received five calls all from farmers with 15 to 160 acres each that were interested in having bees on their property. One is a farmer that has vegetables and the other is on 15 acres surrounded on two sides by forest preserve property. So my advice is look for a local newspaper to run an ad in if you are looking to expand or need an outyard for your bees. Farmers are not on Craigslist for the most part, but they do read the local paper.

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    Default Re: How I found my bee outyard

    I get 10-15 replies a week on my cl ad here in Oregon, and I'm still getting replies as of today.
    most are save the bee type, but every 6 or so I get decent property to check out.
    It region specific, your farmers in Illinois don't use cl as much as other places.
    Check out the farm ads in different states,even just the free ads give you a tell about
    the economy of the area by the free stuff given away.
    But, yes classifieds are the old school method where older generations still peruse.
    problem is that not many are buying the newsprint rags anymore.
    I tried the classfied sections and received very few replies, like I say region specific, and economy driven.


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