security certificate popup in IE
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    Default security certificate popup in IE

    I usually view the forum over Internet Explorer on my Win 7 laptop. For the past few days, I've been getting a security certificate box asking if I want to continue Yes, No, View Certificate.

    No matter what I click, the box continues to redisplay making it impossible to view the forum post or scroll down and comment. When I view the forum in Chrome, I am now seeing advertisements within the posts (as well as on the side bar like it has been for years). I'm assuming the certificate errors are coming from these new advertisements.

    Is anyone else seeing them?

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    Default Re: security certificate popup in IE

    If you are not logged in to Beesource when viewing/reading, you may see additional ads.

    I always view Beesource logged in, and run Chrome 59.0.3071.115 currently, and I see a horizontal banner ad just under the Beesource menu, display ads down the right side, and a horizontal banner ad at the very bottom of the page. Here is a screenshot ...

    If you are seeing ads mixed with posts, I am wondering if you are somehow viewing the mobile site with Chrome. Perhaps you could post a screenshot?

    I can't help with IE.
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