Back into Beekeeping (Ct.)
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    Default Back into Beekeeping (Ct.)

    Thanks for having me on this site. I'll try not to offend!
    I started with bees in the early 80's but ended up in the E.R. after a sting. I'd been stung before but somehow this time was different. Saw an allergist and the result was inconclusive. Oh well, I decided to give up my hives. Got into Bonsai for a while but it wasn't as fulfilling a pastime, so 30 years later or so I decided to get back into it. I have been stung 6 or 7 times this go round with only minor swelling so we'll see...
    1 Langstroth hive last year which did not survive the winter. Plenty of food in the spring but no bees. Perhaps my first CCD?
    Undaunted I'm trying 2 hives this season. My oh my has beekeeping changed!
    As a hobbyist (and a woodworker) I enjoy making woodenware and I figure time spent on my hobby is all to the good. In fact that's how I found the forum, looking for frame drawings, which I found. Lots of people don't get that.
    Hope that's enough about me,
    Looking forward to getting to know y'all...

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    Default Re: Back into Beekeeping (Ct.)

    Welcome back Dean
    “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” -George Bernard Shaw

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    Default Re: Back into Beekeeping (Ct.)

    Welcome dean. I had the same thing happen to me when I was in my thirties. Got stung and had a severe reaction. Same results on the test, now I get stung on a regular basis with hardly any swelling/itching.
    Best to keep an epi pen handy tho, the doc told me that it might not ever happen again or it might be the big one next time.
    Good luck with your bees!

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    Default Re: Back into Beekeeping (Ct.)

    Welcome Dean!
    [email protected]


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