Wax Products - What sells best?
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    Default Wax Products - What sells best?

    I have a decent supply of wax, we bought out an old bee keeper and they wouldnt let us buy just what we wanted. So we had to take the drawn frames too. Not wanting someone else's comb in my apiary, its been rendered.

    My wife, kids and I want to make something out of it, we are just not sure what is easiest to sell off. Lotion? Lotion bars? Lip balm? We made some candles, they were a PITA to make, and demand seems very small.

    Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: Wax Products - What sells best?

    I believe you get a better return off of transforming the wax into the other products but it also takes more time and investment. I sell wax to reenactors at around the same rate as it sells online, quick turn on the product.
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    Default Re: Wax Products - What sells best?

    Other than candles, we have the holiday wax figurines like little santa, elk, fairies, christmas tree, etc. There are
    so many holiday decoration you can make out of wax. Make a mold or shop online then start pouring. I'm sure there
    are other unique items you can make for a holiday wax gift box.
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