Hurricane prepping your hives?
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    Default Hurricane prepping your hives?

    It's a little late to be asking, but any special thoughts on preparing your hives for really bad hurricane weather?

    I guess there's 2 situations: 1) At the coast getting the worst of it. And 2) Inland, but still getting high winds (60+mph) and a foot+ of rain.

    My thoughts (situation 1):
    * If they are NOT in an area that could flood, just strap them together and down to the stand that can't blow over. Away from debris that could fly around.
    * If in an area that likely will flood, MOVE them BEFORE the storm. Preferably at night, but better to lose some workers than the whole hive float down river.
    * Even if you have to lock them in (allow airflow), inconvenience to them is still better than a destroyed hive.

    Situation 2:
    * Strap together the hive to prevent wind knocking them over, including secured to their stands where nothing will blow over. Provide extra sugar water if you are feed that hive (new swarm, etc). Check immediately after the storm passes in case any were damaged (blowing debris, strap broke, etc).

    There isn't time to extract honey or pull supers at a time like this (always rushing before storms hit...).

    Any other thoughts? Just a note, I'm in situation 2. We're expecting maybe a foot of rain. Inland enough where we'll have high winds but expect little to no damage. Yup, people who live in flood plains here will flood again (my advice: don't live in a flood plain, but that's just me...). I've seen 28" rain in 2 days before, I know my place will not flood. But I've helped my neighbor trench around his ranch house to reduce flooding damage, so it all depends on where you build.

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    Default Re: Hurricane prepping your hives?

    Regards, Barry

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    Default Re: Hurricane prepping your hives?

    Strap them down is the only thing you can do and hope that water isn't going to be an issue. My stand is metal gas pipe 32" off the ground. I have the first 4ft section in 6" of concrete.

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    Default Re: Hurricane prepping your hives?

    A top entrance would help in case the water got high.
    Good luck and we are praying for all of you in the path.
    Zone 6b 1400'


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