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    When we first started keeping bees, wife and I would occaisionally move a couple colonies, we bought a gadget similar to this, most bee supply places will have one.

    As we expanded, I wanted something that would take the heavy lifting out of a honey pull, and allow me to move hives on/off the truck by myself. I bought this one last year

    First time we used that last fall was picking up hives in the fireweed fields to bring home. My wife took a video. I'm a bit awkward using it in that shot, it was the first time to pick up a hive and put it on the truck. Does take a little bit to get used to it, but with that I can do most of the heavy lifting around beekeeping by simply pushing the up/down button on the handles.

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    bee keeper chef:
    What size tires did you use for the lifter? 8" or 10"

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    Quote Originally Posted by aran View Post
    ive had spine surgery and find lifting the boxes darn hard too. How much are the kaptarlift gadgets? The electric one looks awesome.
    Guess I missed this post. Sorry about the late reply. Since I have posted about my Kaptarlift, I emailed Lajos (the owner of the factory that makes them) and asked about upgrading to a chain drive in place of the cable used to lift the hive clamp carriage. He sent me one of the first ones he developed and just charged me the shipping. The problem is that air freight shipping is VERY expensive but the cost of ocean shipping is much cheaper and in the $400 range, maybe less. The actual lift costs about $900 at least at the time I shipped the latest Kaptarlift but the exchange rate varies. I can say that the new, upgraded Kaptarlift is made VERY well and no corners were cut on the quality and workmanship. These are probably not economical for beekeepers with a few hives to 20 or 30 but if you have to lift hundreds of honey supers to harvest or treat with OAV and slip in a sheet of newspaper or a plastic sheet, the Kaptarlift works great and the cost is justified in my opinion. NONE of the good quality hive lift options are cheap. The Ezy Lift you can expect to lay out $30K plus.

    The electric version of the Kaptarlift is very expensive, like in the $4,000 range plus shipping. I prefer the manual versions as the lift will set unused for half the year which is hard on batteries and lithium ion batteries are NOT cheap to replace.

    If you are interested, email Lajos on the website. Lajos speaks and writes English. He can answer any other questions you may have better than I.

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