Suggestion on a good moisture meter?
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    Default Suggestion on a good moisture meter?

    Any suggestions on a decent moisture meter? I've seen prices from $27 to $100+. I'm a recreational beekeeper with only 5 hives.

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    Default Re: Suggestion on a good moisture meter?

    Check Amazon and read their reviews. Cant beat their prices,
    I purchased one years ago for less than $40, works decent.

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    Default Re: Suggestion on a good moisture meter?

    You can spend anywhere from $15 to $450 on a refractometer for honey.
    Bought one for ~$20 3 years ago. Compared it to the expensive one from Mann Lake.
    When calibrated they both measured the same honey to the same % water content.

    Once you have used the refractometer and bottled a few thousand 12-ounce bears you can tell by how long it takes a bubble to rise when you turn the bear upside down. Save your money for more wooden-ware and just get a cheap refractometer on amazon or ebay.
    Nobody cares how accurate your model is just that you checked and got to know what "too thin" is like. You get a feel for it really fast.
    Internet credibility is an oxymoron


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