Took a video of some weird behavior thats been happening in front of one of my hives today and I'm flummoxed as to whats going on.

2017-08-04 19.03.09.jpg

Some background:

This hive was split 4 wks ago. This was got the old (flying bees), most of the brood/food, and no queen. I added the robbing screens shortly after the split because I figured they'd be weak and our dearth was beginning. It took them a while to figure it out (much longer than the hive with the old queen), and I'm still not certain they have. I've witnessed fighting and scrambling -- if i sit and watch for 5 minutes I'll see at least one bee fought off -- but they don't seem to be overwhelmed. The old queens hive is sitting on top, but again, doesn't seem to have any fighting. A little over a week ago though, it seemed I was seeing a lot more dead bees on the ground around the hive, usually along with 3-5 crawlers in the area. The yellow jackets have been coming around and feasting on the dead bees, but I have not seen one go in the hive or near the entrance.

Having waited 3 weeks, I went in the new hive last week and saw, to my relief, the new queen. She was in the last brood box I searched, and while I only noticed eggs on the frame I found her on, once I did see her, I closed up. So there may have been other brood around. Overall, the hive appeared healthy inside, or at least not ransacked. There was a honey super on that had maybe 40% of cells capped, and I was even able to pull a fully capped frame for myself. I felt ok doing this because in addition to the honey in the super, two of the three medium brood boxes had been backfilled with quite a bit of nectar or honey (though there was still some space for laying).

I checked mite count at same time (alcohol), and it was not great - 4/100 in that hive and 5/100 in it's neighbor . I had bought some MAQs to treat, but we are in the midst of a sustained heat wave right now and I feel like I'm out of luck there for at least the next week.

Back to the question though -- what do these bees look like they're doing?