Shipping bulk honey. Jars and barrels
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    Question Shipping bulk honey. Jars and barrels

    Anyone have experience shipping pallets of honey filled jars? I'm shipping out a few pallets in a few weeks to multi destinations across the country and I'm a little worried. My plan is to just pack the 1 lb jars in boxes of 12 with cardboard dividers between each jar and plastic wrap the pallet. What's your method?? Any breakage?
    Also anyone have info on shipping barrels across the country. Prices? Preferred carriers?

    Thanks. Ive lurked on this site for years and this is my first post

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    Default Re: Shipping bulk honey. Jars and barrels

    You should not have any problems shipping by pallets. Over the last 3 years we have had only one issue and it may have been our fault by the way we packed it.

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