Combing two hives question
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    Default Combing two hives question

    Not sure yet if I'm going to do this but thought I'd get a handle on it first.

    I have a little different situation. One hive is small but has a queen. The other hive is good sized but has gone queenless and has failed it make another.

    What's the best way to combine these hives. I did a newspaper combine with two small hives a couple of weeks ago. That went well.

    I'm would do another newspaper combine but not sure which one should be on the bottom or the location. Right now they are on opposite ends of our bee yard.

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    Default Re: Combing two hives question

    strong on the bottom, weak on top. that's how we do it when needed.
    honestly there no need to choose for a specific box on top, just combine them.
    bees will sort it out in a few hours or sooner, they tear the paper open and
    start combining within an hour. I've checked this out over 30 different combines.

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    Default Re: Combing two hives question

    Who's on top or bottom is whatever creates the least work for me.
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    Default Re: Combing two hives question

    I just finished doing the same thing with a nuc.never had a problem.


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