Central Illinois; flow drying up & added robbing screens
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    Default Central Illinois; flow drying up & added robbing screens

    Just saying, my weakest hive was being robbed. I've added a screen to all my hives but I have all the doors open on them still except the one that was confirmed being robbed. I closed that one down to just the top hidden entrance. The others are now prepared that all I will have to do is close the bigger entrances down.
    I had enough sugar to give each hive a half quart of 1:1 syrup yesterday. Bought more sugar today and refilled everybody. My two strongest hives had emptied theirs in 24 hours. All hives have a full quart now. I made up 1:1 syrup with 1 tsp of honey b healthy per quart and 1/2 tsp of brood builder from dadant just for a little protein.
    Like I said though, just saying to maybe help somebody else be aware. This is the first time I knew to be aware of robbing and actually seen it happening. I guess I'm opening myself up to critique as well.

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    Default Re: Central Illinois; flow drying up & added robbing screens

    I have 7 hives some big some medium, easiest for me to feed all at one time as well. No issues this way and I also reduce entrances sometimes as here in the AZ Desert dearth comes in June and lasts until sometimes August or later when our Monsoon season has offered up some good rains.
    Cheers Bill
    zone 9b


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