I took the plunge into fermenting vegetables this week. I got ahold of a pint of homemade sauerkraut last year and decided then that I would start putting up my own. It was incredible. I didn't want to fool with a crock or a churn so I opted to go with 1/2 gallon jars and "easy fermenter" lid. I got the lids on Amazon last fall. I hadn't opened them until this week and didn't look at 2 of the 3 until tonight. One of them has a defect in the air lock system. I contacted them tonight to see if they'll make it good, but I doubt they do since I've owned it for 9 months.

I used a slightly different recipe on each jar so I could compare and see which I liked better. I used only salt in one jar and different amounts of salt and whey that I collected from buttermilk in the other two jars. I've got 18 days left before I can dig in to the jar I put up Tuesday night.

Anyone else make sauerkraut or ferment other vegetables? I'd like to get some recipes if any of you do.