How soon to add another deep after an even split?
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    Default How soon to add another deep after an even split?

    So I had a hive that was doing pretty well. Had a queen who was laying pretty poorly though, had my county inspector come out and confirm that there wasnít anything else going to to cause that, and decided to split the hive and requeen each half with a purchased mated queen. The hive I split was very full, had had a super on but the bees hadnít even drawn out any comb yet so I removed it during the split.

    My question is, when should I add a second deep to each half of the split (each is housed in a 10 frame deep with the original drawn frames of brood, stores from the original hive)? I have two deeps with half drawn comb (with a little bit of stores, frames saved after a combination late last season) and half new foundation, and these are ready to go. Since each box was fairly full at the time of the split, should I go ahead and add the second deep to each at the time I do my inspection in one week (given, of course, that the new queen was accepted). I donít want them to get cramped in one deep but I didnít know if adding a deep would be too soon after the split. Itís my second year beekeeping and my first experiences with splits and requeening, so any advice is welcome and very appreciated - thanks!

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    Default Re: How soon to add another deep after an even split?

    Generally, add another deep when the current one has 7/10 frames covered with bees.


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