Wait a minute-- NOSEMA is the parasite we should all fear?
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    Default Wait a minute-- NOSEMA is the parasite we should all fear?

    My beekeeping friend posted this to me, and as it hit newsweek, the study cited in it has older research, so I apologize if this has already been discussed, but I couldn't find a thread for it:

    I opened this expecting to read about Varroa, and instead found myself reading about Nosema. I've never seen evidence of nosema in my hives, but I have noticed my winter hives struggiling with numbers. I do not treat with routine antibiotics as I have never seen that to be the best option in any situation.

    But when i read:
    The parasite examined in this study, Nosema ceranae, is becoming more common, and now infects between 57 percent to 85 percent of the honeybees sampled from 2009 to 2011, Nieh says,
    I became a bit more concerned. Of course it depends on where and how prevalent Nosema is in the areas the bees were sampled from, but I didn't look into that.

    So is larval infestation with nosema part of the reason hives are struggling to make it through winters, do you think? It could explain lower numbers in the hive.

    Also, anyone have the actual study cited here? Looks like it's behind paywall for me.
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    Default Re: Wait a minute-- NOSEMA is the parasite we should all fear?

    Nosema spores are found in many/most hives and are especially elevated in the wet spring months. Well ventilated hives are key.



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