Need Urgent Post-Swarm Advice
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    Exclamation Need Urgent Post-Swarm Advice

    One of my top bar hives swarmed this morning - long story short, I was not able to recover it, and it is gone now.
    The bees and hive they left behind are...well I don't know how it is because I'm a newb with no experience. It doesn't seem great, however. Three full frames of drone brood for example. SEEMS WEIRD. I was able to find three queen cells - two I thought empty, but maybe there were eggs, one larval.
    HOWEVER in my OTHER hive there is a capped queen cell. Should I pull out that frame, stick it in my post-swarmed hive, and pull out the remaining queen eggs? I'm at a total loss and don't want to panic but also don't want to dither and/or lose both my queens that I just got this year.

    SIDE QUESTION: do hives USUALLY swarm the first year? I know they are Russians and more prone to it, but GOOD GRIEF it's only been a couple months!? Part of me suspects they're leaving because of mites (I just treated hours after) but I'm at a total loss.
    Second year beekeeper with two Kenyan Top Bar Hives.

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    Default Re: Need Urgent Post-Swarm Advice

    I would leave both alone. one has swarmed and left queen cells and the second hive sounds like they are superseding the queen. so I would just let them bee


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