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    Didnt spot a queen in my last inspection. Fid spot queen cells though a couple. My tbh has 14 bars to build on with follower 27 total. It was a package that the original queen was dead so put a new one in 3 days later. First two inspections looked good to me ( im a first year beek.) spotted queen, eggs, pollen, and capped brood. On the third i didnt spot a queen. What do I do?

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    Relax! The bees have been doing this for millions of years; they will not show "everything" every time you inspect. Rarely do I find the queen unless something I have observed requires a frame-by-frame inspection. If there is evidence of a queen (any eggs and/or smallest larvae), and the absence of evidence of abnormality, I close it up -- my curiosity need not be further satisfied. If still unsatisfied, add another hive - you will get to see a lot with more hives. With experience, you will be able to make reasonable inferences based upon what you see, and what you do not see, at various times and locations in each hive. If you need to learn by actual doing, perfectly fine, but do not despair if the queen is not interested in your advances -- she was once the object of many drones attention; now she can be Greta Garbo! That is a reference few will understand.

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