Multiple queen cells in Nuc Split
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    Default Multiple queen cells in Nuc Split


    First time trying a queenless nuc split. Decided to let them raise their own queens, since the hive that I made the split from has a very good laying queen. She's a very heavy producer. So I used a couple frames of brood with eggs and larvae, and some food, and let them be. I found they made multiple new queen cells, 3 in total. I'm curious what others would recommend in this situation. Should I leave them alone and let nature take it's course? Should I pinch a few and leave 1 queen cell? I've read before that the first queen to hatch will sting and kill the other emerging queens before they hatch. I'm just concerned that I might have a problem if I leave all 3 cells in the hive.

    What do you recommend?

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    Default Re: Multiple queen cells in Nuc Split

    No problem leaving the queen cells as is won't hurt a thing. Don't pinch queen cells you don't know which is the best or which is a dud.

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    Default Re: Multiple queen cells in Nuc Split

    Leave 'em and let the strongest one survive. Remember that swarms often lead to a dozen or more queen cells... three ain't a lot relative to what nature makes them go thru when we're not involved!

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    Default Re: Multiple queen cells in Nuc Split

    Three isn't too many to leave, and yeah, I have a hard time pinching queen cells, like I know anything about what's inside each one.

    But if you have queen cells on more than one frame, you could always make another nuc with one of the other frames and add more nurse bees.....
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