Why capped queen cells were torn down?
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    Default Why capped queen cells were torn down?

    just wondering why the bees would tear down some of the capped queen cell in my finisher hive? We used the MP method described in the thread, My cell building methods. The first picture is from the day we reassembled the hive and the second picture is from last night when we removed the cells to put the into mating nucs. Any info would be helpful.1ST QUEENS.jpgafter.jpg
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    Default Re: Why capped queen cells were torn down?

    The cells need some distance from the queen. I like an empty box between... Also a dearth can cause such things...

    http://www.bushfarms.com/beesbetterq...ear Down Cells
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    Default Re: Why capped queen cells were torn down?

    There should be no need for an empty box between. I have raised queens in a shallow box (height of the frame 140mm= 5,6") right above excluder and queen and never had problems.

    The curved form of many of the cells is giving some hint. How strong was the hive that raised the cells? Sometimes when there are not enough young nursing bees cells become like the ones in picture. Another option is virus infection. There is a virus called Black Queen Cell Virus, which can cause bees to tear down cells if they are good at detecting them.

    And if the raising hive was not strong enough bees "know" that they donīt need that many cells. They get rid of the extra ones.

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    Default Re: Why capped queen cells were torn down?

    I couldn't tell you why, but sometimes they'll put jelly in and cap a cell, and there seems to be no evidence of a larva in it anymore. I had two such in my last batch. And if left in the builder they'd likely tear them down. But when I move them to the incubator early after capping they don't have much of a chance to do that.

    The cell on the left of the three in burr comb on the center bar looks like it might be emerged? But maybe not, kind of hard to tell at that resolution.

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    Default Re: Why capped queen cells were torn down?

    i don't think MP use a finisher hive, in his method, the cells are raised and capped in the cell builder, then combining with the original hive after capped, the cells should be above QE and at least 1 supers.
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