Question on split.
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    Default Question on split.

    I have a long langstroth hive that I have been intending on splitting. I can never find the queen so I'm looking at doing a walk away split. I was just in the hive and found a capped Q.C. I plan on using the nuc the bees came in to start, I'm in the process of building a regular Langstroth. Is it best to split in the evening when all the forager bees are back? I'm a little confused on where to place the nuc. If I sit it beside the TBH (long Langstroth) won't the bees in the nuc recognize it since it's a different and familiar shape and go back to it anyway? Moving the nuc a mile away is not an option. What's the minimum distance I should place the nuc if I can't leave it next to the TBH?

    Thanks in advance
    48" long Langstroth hive

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    Default Re: Question on split.

    Time doesn't have a barring on the Split results. The only impact your going to have is moving them to a different bee yard a mile away. What happens typically is the foraging bees go back to the original bee hive. If you split and keep them in the same area, the box with the most bees typically will have the queen in it. Nurse bees is what you want to make queen cells. Eggs/brood/ larvae capped/uncapped the nurse bees will be on these frames.


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