Warre Hive with mice.
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    Default Warre Hive with mice.

    So I checked my warre Friday and smoked the top entrance and a mouse came flying out. I took the tipoff and another mouse had a nest in that area. I threw them all out . Has anyone experienced this? The bees were angry that nite and I assume that was why? My other hive was fine and the bees were happy.

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    Default Re: Warre Hive with mice.

    How big is the entrance? I used Emile Warre's bottom board design where the notch is same depth as the hive wall and then a 45 degree ramp. The clearance is barely over 1/4 inch.

    For mouse guards on my Langstroth hives I drill a row of 5/8 diameter holes in a 1/4" thick board. Then I rip the board in half. Subtracting the saw kerf that makes two boards with 1/4" High semicircle holes on an edge. Then I tack it in place, it is the winter entrance reducer and no way can a mouse get throu it.
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