Transition from Medium Nuc box to Deep Hive?
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    Default Transition from Medium Nuc box to Deep Hive?

    Yesterday I bought two Nucs. They are both five frames with medium combs. Currently I am running 8 frame hives with deep brood boxes. Does anyone have any idea as to how I can transition the bees from the medium frames that came with the nuc to an 8 frame deep brood box?

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    Default Re: Transition from Medium Nuc box to Deep Hive?

    Do you have a medium super? If so then put them in the medium super with three more frames. Then in a week add a single deep on top of it. After they build it out, reverse the boxes. Make sure you feed them at first. Add the second deep on top of the medium when the population is large enough. When it's half built reverse it and the medium and put a queen excluder under the medium after you verify she isn't in it.

    I started with all medium gear. I added deeps later and that was how I did it. In the spring I moved all the brood to the bottom medium and shook them all down, then put the 8 frame deep on top and reversed it later.
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