Ants in solar wax melter
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    Question Ants in solar wax melter

    For those using solar wax melters ....
    Last summer I rigged a melter arrangement using an old ice chest, a glass bowl , tinfoil, and a scrap of clear plastic.
    I lined the ice chest with tinfoil, placed a bowl of water in the bottom ( this year I plan to try to find a thrift store rectangular baking dish). I used some stiff wire, actually some "masonary brick lathe" salvaged from a political sign, and a scrap of an old tee shirt. I used clothes pins to hold the cloth to the wire, formed a hammock to hold scrap wax, burcomb, etc. , placed the wax in the hammock, covered the top with clear plastic. propped the lid upen, covered with more tin foil for a reflector, tipped lid to focus suns rays. Set in the sun in a hot out of the way place.
    does not work fast, but I dont have to sit there & watch it.

    Now the issue was that ants were attracted to the scrap wax, & ended up drowned in the water & stuck to the rendered wax droplets, so I spent some time picking tiny ants off of tiny wax pellets several evenings last fall / winter. How can I avoid the ants? Thanks ... CE
    Started summer of 2013, just another new guy, tinkering with bees.

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    Default Re: Ants in solar wax melter

    I use a solar wax melter myself, and I've never had ant problems like you describe. I keep my melter on an old rolling cart, so I'm sure than helps. I also lined my melter with black plastic bags, and it gets up to about 160 degrees,
    which I think is way to hot for ants.

    Before I melt my wax, I always put the frames in front of my hives for a couple of days. The bees clean off every bit of honey, and that is another reason the ants don't bother. No honey, nothing to attract the ants. I also melt my wax thru paper towels, which I change every time I melt.

    Hope this helps!!



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