My new Warre and busy girls
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    Default My new Warre and busy girls

    Two years ago I cut out all the parts for a Warre (except frames) but didn't assemble it. It's been stored flat in my shop since then. Normally I use Langstroth Hives. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to get into different equipment or not.

    About two weeks ago I agreed to take two unwanted packages of bees. This created a problem in that I had gear for only one more Langstroth hive. I waffled for a week on whether to assemble the Warre instead of building another langstroth.

    Sunday I put it together and built frames with triangular comb guides (my state requires frames) That was a PITA and I was wondering it if was worth the work. From now on I'm buying store bought Langstroth frames and cutting them down.

    Here it is, all put together and finished.

    The bees went in on Yesterday morning, but got a piece of plywood for a temporary lid as I didn't have the Warre top assembled yet. I went ahead and released the queen since I marked her and she had already been with the bees several days in the package. I finished the top this afternoon and so when I installed it I just had to take a peek. The bees have been busy. There are two frames about like this one, two more that have about half as much, and they are holding meetings and measuring on another frame (AKA hanging with legs linked and starting to build) Not bad for a day and a half. It looks like they got the right idea from triangular guides I cut on the frames, so maybe it was worth it after all. I didn't look in the bottom box yet. That comb is still pretty fragile so I didn't get very invasive.

    I've got a bunch of jar feeders in that third box right now, otherwise it would be just two boxes. In a few days I'll take them off.
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