Issues With Flow Hive. Anyone with Experience???
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    Default Issues With Flow Hive. Anyone with Experience???

    So I'm pretty new to beekeeping. My first hive was a purchased nuc which I transfered into a full size hive about 4 months ago. The Hive exploded and it was time for a super. At the time, I thought I'd only have one hive so to make things easiest on my for honey collection, I purchased a flow frame/flow hive super. I recently noticed a lot of bees on the front of the hive. So I checked the honey super (flow hive super) and noticed there was not many bees in it (maybe a hundred or two). So I decided to open the hive up to determine if all was well and man, the brood box was packed! The queen is on point in this hive. But for the amount of bees in the brood box, there should be many more bees in the super. Anybody have issues with their bees not taking to the flow frames???

    I since have other hives that are getting ready to need supers, and although I will be using standard supers boxes with wax foundation frames, I'm not there yet and don't have anything to compare it to. But I'd have to assume that any 10 frame deep brood box that is packed to the gills with bees should have more than a hundred or two hundred bees in the super at any given time, am I wrong???


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    Default Re: Issues With Flow Hive. Anyone with Experience???

    Try putting two FlowHive frames in the center and surround with drawn comb if you have it. I guess you could use plain foundation if you don't have drawn comb.

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    Default Re: Issues With Flow Hive. Anyone with Experience???

    Contact the folks at Flow through their online forum. They are very good about answering questions and giving help
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    Default Re: Issues With Flow Hive. Anyone with Experience???

    Hello, this is a common issue with flow frames.
    Not a problem the best way seems to be melt a little wax and paint it on.
    Great info here

    Guys luck. My bees were a little hesitant at first, but man do they love then now.


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