New split w/ Supersedure cells present
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    Default New split w/ Supersedure cells present

    2nd year beekeeper here with a few questions on some new experiences. My overwintered hive was very strong this spring and was showing signs of swarming so I made my first split. After seeing quite a few supersedure cells with two full brood boxes I checkered a new brood box with plenty of brood, pollen, and honey, making sure that the supercedure cells we're present in the new box.

    Here's my question:

    If for whatever reason I get into the box and see that there are no eggs, or perhaps the new queen (given she's there) is a poor performing queen, what are my options.

    So far both hives seem to be doing swimmingly after a week, but I want to have a game plan when I get back in there next week as this past week was a wet and cold one after the split. I know most people re-queen in the fall and some whenever there is a poor performer, but what is the general consensus here? Can one even source a good queen this late into spring/early summer?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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    Default Re: New split w/ Supersedure cells present

    Gosh, I have yet to even start to make my "good queens" for the year, and you are only in OH, so not that far from me in NY. There is plenty of time and if your hive was swarmy, they know when it is still a good time to make new queens.

    If there are only a few cells (less than 3) in each split, then you are all set. The bees will work it out, just fine. If there are more I would cull some of them (or make additional splits with them, if you have enough resources.)

    BTW, I never routinely re-queen. I keep my hives healthy and let the bees decide when it's a good time for a new queen, which usually only happens in their third summer, occasionally even in their fourth summer with me. All my queens are open-mated local mutts and they do very well for me.


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