When to do a split?/swarm question?
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    Default When to do a split?/swarm question?

    I am wondering at what stage of the Queen cell development should I do a split? Should I wait until the queen cells are capped, or prior to that? I was hoping to get into the hive yesterday to check them. It was windy, cold and rainy so I could not. I have to work today and it's going to be warmer. I'm very concerned that they could swarm. I have the new hive set up near the old hive. How likely is it that they will just go into the nearby hive on their own?

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    Default Re: When to do a split?/swarm question?

    I am a noob so I would have similar questions about splits though thankfully not a situation I am dealing with right now. Question, what is the history of the hive, how many bars have they drawn, type of bees, etc??

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    Default Re: When to do a split?/swarm question?

    If you have queen cells being charged for a swarm the hive will swarm on the day they are capped or the day before If your weather is crappy they will go the first nice day you have. Chances they just go to an empty hive slim but they may. You need to find the queen and move her and a frame or two of brood and let her rebuild. Depending on how many cells are in the hive they may swarm with virgins so destroy all but a couple cells or make some nucs up You could always call some friends and see if they want some ripe queen cells

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