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    Default Cutout frames.

    After doing a couple cut-outs with empty frames and rubber bands and making a huge mess with a bazillion angry bees, I "invented" some frames for doing cutouts. Probably anything but a new idea, but they work very nicely.

    Took standard frames -- mediums in this case for a particular job of wild comb in a medium box -- and ran four frame wires from end bar to end bar on the outside of one side. Made them nice and tight, don't want comb flopping around. I would use six or eight wires for deeps, don't want to cut into the comb when the frame is picked up

    Worked quite well -- lay frame wire side down on top of the receiving box, lay comb in (in this case, after cutting it off the lid of the box) and trim to fit, could easily trim first if you have space. Couple rubber bands, easy to install as the comb sits on the wires and it not damaged when you pick the frame up.

    Worked out well, still have more dead bees that I like, but found the queen and transferred her, have nice comb in eight out of ten frames, didn't have to sacrifice too much brood, I think it went well.

    Pretty fast and cheap, if not as slick as hinged frames, and if you wire frames you already have everything you need.


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    Default Re: Cutout frames.

    Look up hing frames. I use leather to make the hing

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    Default Re: Cutout frames.

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    Default Re: Cutout frames.

    I set up frames beforehand.Use kite string and stapler.
    Start on top bar then bottom and make "Ws" across frame.
    Rubber bands or string on site.


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